Pontet Canet Vertical 1920 - 2010

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Pale tawny and brick red nuances, etheral, developed, floral, pencil shaves, fresh acid but rather thin body, ripe, round tannins, hay, violets and med long finish, long haul for the age. Very fine wine!
Dark, opaque core, tawny rim, toffee, more developed; fresh acid, cedar and dark brooding fruit (warm vintage), more body than 1920, earthy, long haul. Finesse!
Med brick red, youthful rim; enticing floral aroma, forest floor; med intensity, restrained, rather linear, full fruit concentration, ripe acidity, masculine body, a bit "cerré", drying tannins, not too charming, tca influence
Dark ruby red core, brick red rim; layered, youthful, complex and full fruit concentrated nose, great concentration of fruit, great acid structure, lively, enticing, long haul!
Med ruby red core, pale, watery brick red rim; rather linear, more developed, rounded tannins, structure through present tannins, full bodied, violets, med long finish. Rather charming but no "grand vin"!
Med red brick core, brick red rim, watery, restrained, youthful, pencil shaves, metallic, lively yet ripe acidity, plum, dark red fruit, rounded tannins, lacks a bit in power and finesse, mid long finish 
Dark ruby core, watery rim, brick red, brooding, layered dark currant fruit, inviting, floral touch; ripe acidity, powerful, rich and invigorating, long, warm finale, full bodied, long. Still a way to go!
Dark ruby core, ruby/brick red rim, hay, red fruit, dried flowers, youthful; earthy tones, brett, finely grained tannins, forest floor, earthy, balanced, elegant, fine, charming for the size of brett!
Brick red rim, med dark ruby core, youthful, cherries, overextracted, yet restrained; Toffee, ripe, round, present acidity, full bodied, rich, long, warm.
Dark core, ruby, bright red rim, pencil shavings, intriguing dark red fruit, cassis, floral, layered; lively acidity, powerful with elegance, great freshness, concentration, density, complexity, long haul, fine wine.
Med pale ruby center, watery ruby rim, restrained, dark currant, cassis, floral; slightly thin, Bordeaux light, great balance, currant, dark currant, finesse, fine, not the most complex but very pleasant indeed!
Dark ruby core, ruby red rim, dark currant, brooding, restrained, elegant, youthful, complex; ripe acidity, power, elegant, present tannins, full bodied, fullish, still young, brooding, needs more time.
Dark ruby core, watery ruby rim, hay, restrained, currant, violets; lively acidity, powerful, finesse, violets, rounded tannins, great finale, little touch of alcohol (maraschino). Drink now!
Dark ruby core, brick red rim, viscosity, dark red fruit, currant, violets, youthful, brooding; concentrated, structure, full bodied, fullish, high alcohol, ripe tannins, warm and long
Med ruby center, ruby rim, restrained, dried herbs, floral, bright red fruit, "light" weighted; fresh acidity, present tannins, mid weighted, good balance, herbal touch, long finish!
Opaque ruby core, ruby rim, intriguing layered nose, forest berries, currant, cassis; layered, complex, ripe acidity, full bodied, cassis, modern tannins, still young but stylish, well integrated alcohol yet high, fine wine!
Med dark core, bright red rim, restrained, dried herbs, floral, brighter red fruit; fresh acid, present tannins, finely balanced body, cassis, dark currant, persistent finish, fine.
Dark center, opaque, ruby red rim, brooding, youthful, layered, dark red fruit, restrained, pencil shavings; great concentration, lively acidity, full bodied, finesse, present, polished tannins, and power, dense, long, persistent!
Opaque center, ruby rim, tears, restrained, youthful, shy, maraschino cherry fruit, dense, youthful fruit, young tannins, lots of wine, long! Modern! 

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