vinum exhilarat animum!

The world of wine is limitless, a world full of great stories, abundant history and thankfully, it still brings people together who share at least one thing: passion for a beverage which is more than just this.


The number of soulless, interchangeable wine is continuously increasing. I personally enjoy wines which speak of their origin, which are crafted by highly talented individuals and display the extra-dimension in flavour, balance, finesse and persistence wine geeks generally all long for. Often, these wines are made in an organic or biodynamic fashion.


I am blessed and thankful for what I so far have been able to experience, to savour and to learn in the ever evolving world of this unique beverage!


Should you not have been exposed yet to this world of fine wine and would like to find out what it has to offer, feel free to drop me a line is too short to drink bad wine!



Andreas Wickhoff MW

andreas wickhoff mw
celebrate wine! 

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