Sauvignon at its peak - Margaux, Pfalz & Südsteiermark

Flower day:


A) 2013 Kirchmayer "Katl", Kamptal, Austria

youthful, restrained aroma of citrus and pineapple; confected aroma, interchangeable with GV in the nose; fresh acid, balance and finesse, persistent finish.


B) 2012 Vergelen, Schaapenberg, South Africa

green tea, steely, racy aroma, restrained; slightly vegetal aromas; fresh acid but richness of fruit, velvety, purity/grassy.

C) 2012 Hannes Sabathi, Kranachberg G STK Lage, Südsteiermark, Austria

genereous fruit concentration, balanced, youthful; salty element, richness of fruit, fresh acid, lengthy finish.

D) 2011 Clos Henri, Marlborough, New Zealand

exotic, fruit forward, generous; racy acid element, fresh, crisp grassy herbaceousness, well balanced but depth of fruit on the palate, richness and finesse to be found.


E) 2012 Domaine Vacheron, "Les Romains", Sancerre, France  

open, fruitforward, grassy, herbaceousness, developed, richness on the front attack, fossile limestone, salty element, balanced, more citrus and herbaceousness on the palate. 

F) 2012 Winkler-Hermaden, Kirchleiten G STK Lage, Südoststeiermark, Austria

Maggi, restrained, whiff of SO2, fruitforward, bitter, rather imbalanced. 

G) 2012 Kocijancic, Zanut, Goriska Brda, Slovenia 

modern, musty, youthful, present acid, full body, richness of fruit, fullish, warm finish.

H) 2012 Neumeister, Moarfeitl G STK Lage 2012, Südoststeiermark, Austria

restrained character, rather shy; young, crisp acid element, freshness, still way to go, saltiness, tingles on your tongue.

I) 2011 Wolfi Maitz, Hochstermetzberg G STK Lage 2011, Südsteiermark, Austria

candied fruit, slight caramel, a bit shy, youthful; moderate acidity but freshness kicks in, full bodied, warm finish but balanced, 1987 planted (small barrel; 2011 vintage still vinified with cultured yeasts).

J) 2011 Cloudy Bay, Te Koko, Marlborough, New Zealand

tea, kerosin, a bit catpee; fresh acid, fullness but at the same time there is freshness to be found, layered but this is not entirely in balance, warm finish.

K) 2011 Erwin Sabathi, Pössnitzberg G STK Lage, Südsteiermark, Austria

restrained character, lemon, youthful; ripe acid element, focus on lime, elegance, purity, a light saline character, purity of fruit, balanced, refreshing finale.

L) 2011 Von Winning, 500, Pfalz, Germany

a different interpretation of Sauvignon Blanc at a high level; crisp, layered, refreshing, pure, juicy, elegant and persistently long, ripe, wonderful reductive element of roasted poppyseed makes you long for more!

M) 2011 Henri Bourgeois, d'Antan, Sancerre, France

ripe gooseberry, very accessible, herbal, youthful; refreshing acid element, salty character, roots, layered, finesse and elegance, persistent.

N) 2011 Andi Kollwentz, Methusalemreben Steinmühle, Burgenland, Austria

restrained, citrus; slight burnt rubber, full bodied but there is a good deal of freshness on the palate, saline, citrus and lemon, lengthy finale!!!

O) 2011 Chateau Margaux, Pavillon Blanc, Margaux, Bordeaux, France

reductive, seductive, youthful; lots of elegance, depth of fruit, liveliness, layers, complex wine, long and pure finale! This is fine wine!

P) 2011 Alois Gross, Ratscher Nussberg G STK Lage, Südsteiermark, Austria

great fruit concentration, youthful; elegant, freshness, still lively and way to go, freshness, a bit linear after the Pavillon Blanc. Harvest from Sep 16-20 (earliest harvest to-date for the Nussberg)

Q) 2011 Sattlerhof, Kranachberg G STK Lage, Südsteiermark, Austria

ripe exotic mango and gooseberry, richness but balanced; spicy acidity, richness of fruit, lots of spice on the midpalate, exotic paired with restrained elements, lengthy finish, layered!

R) 2011 Benjamin Dagueneau, Silex, Pouilly-Fumé, France

open, gooseberry, developed, citrus; fresh acid, fresh character all the way, tannin quite present, lively element, saline, persistence until the very end.

S) 2011 Domaine de Chevalier Blanc, Péssac-Léognan, Bordeaux, France

restrained fruit, yellow fruit, youthful; linoleum, caramel, layers but not quite attractive, richness of fruit on the palate, fullness, smoky finish.

T) 2011 Manfred Tement, Zieregg G STK Lage, Südsteiermark, Austria

reductive element, very attractive nose, beautiful fruit, finesse, length, precision, elegance, beauty, saline, long! fine wine indeed!

U) 2011 Erich & Walter Polz, Hochgrassnitzberg G STK Lage, Südsteiermark, Austria

open, grapey, youthful, purity of fruit; ripe acid, cellar-driven, generous fruit, still young and a bit unharmonious.

V) 2011 Kellerei Terlan, Quarz, Alto Adige, Italy

open, youthful, ripe mango; fresh character, purity of fruit, elegance and fullness at the same time, lengthy finish, opens up nicely. 

W) 2011 Château Pape Clement Blanc, Graves, Bordeaux, France

caramel, white nuts, complex, layered; cognac, ripe acidity, generous fruit, quite alcoholic, rather lacks in elegance; long, warm persistence.

X) 2011 Lackner-Tinnacher, Welles G STK Lage, Südsteiermark, Austria

clear, fresh elements, youthful, bright fruit; ripe acid element, full bodied but elegant, white elderflower and ripe lemon, med-long finale.

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